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Save for college early Look out for your loved one's dreamsTax advantages, account flexibility, and quality investment options are some of the benefits offered by the CollegeCounts 529 Fund. Setting up an account with CollegeCounts is easy.

  • Enroll Online – Take a few minutes to open an account from your computer.
  • Download an Enrollment Form – Print and complete the Enrollment Form; then mail it to CollegeCounts to open your college savings account.
  • Download a Rollover Form – Move your college savings from another 529 plan or a Coverdell Education Savings Account into the CollegeCounts 529 Fund and start taking advantage of the great college savings benefits this plan has to offer!
  • Download an Enrollment Kit – Download the complete kit including a CollegeCounts Color Booklet, Program Disclosure Statement, Enrollment Form, and Rollover Form.
  • Request an Enrollment Kit – Order an Enrollment Kit to be mailed to you.

CollegeCounts 529 Fund Advisor Plan

If you prefer to reach your college savings goals with the expertise and assistance of an investment professional, the CollegeCounts 529 Fund offers an Advisor Plan.