How to open a CollegeCounts 529

Follow these easy steps to open your new CollegeCounts 529.

1. Account Owner & Beneficiary Basic Information

  • You’ll need address, Social Security number, birth date, and email address.

2. Bank Account Information

  • If you plan to make an initial contribution or set up an automatic contribution from your bank account, you’ll need your bank routing number and bank account number.

3. Successor Account Owner Information (optional, but recommended)

  • If you plan to name a successor account owner, you’ll need:
    • The name of the adult who will become the new account owner in the event of your death or legal incapacity.
    • Their address, birth date, and social security number.

4. Investments – You’ll need to know how you would like to invest

  • You can select one of our Age-Based Options or Target Portfolios.  Or you can design your own investment strategy with our Individual Fund Portfolios.
  • Learn more about your investment choices:
  • Complete the Risk Tolerance Questionnaire