Setting up a CollegeCounts 529 savings plan is easy. The whole process only takes about 10 minutes, and all you need is your information, the name and social security number of the beneficiary (ie: future student), as well as your bank information.

Once that’s done, some of you may be thinking, “What’s next?”

Simply put, don’t let that account sit empty—fill it up! There are many ways to contribute to a CollegeCounts 529 account, whether you want to set up regular monthly payments or make one-time contributions.

Learn more about each option so you can start contributing today.

Make A One-Time Online Contribution

If you’ve got some cash set aside that you’ve been waiting to deposit, you can make a one-time online contribution through your account.

It doesn’t have to be simply a kick-off for your account either. Anytime you feel the desire to make an extra contribution beyond what you’re already doing, it’s quick and easy.

Set Up An Automatic Investment Plan

If you’d prefer to make regular 529 contributions without the hassle of remembering or manually entering your information, an automatic investment plan is the right way to go.

From your bank account, you can enter the amount you wish to contribute and how often you wish to contribute, and we’ll handle the rest automatically.

Roll Funds Over From An Existing Plan

Perhaps you’ve moved from state to state, or your child has grandparents living in a different state, or you established a 529 account in another state. That’s no problem.

You can roll over any existing funds you have saved in another 529 plan into your new CollegeCounts 529 plan. Your existing plan should have an option for rollover funds, so pay them one last visit and you’ll have those funds transferred in no time.

Open A CollegeCounts 529 Rewards Visa® Card

Perhaps you’d like to make regular, automatic contributions, but you’d prefer not to set up scheduled payments. If that’s the case, the CollegeCounts 529 Rewards Visa® Card is right up your alley.

Once your card is set up, all you have to do is use it. You’ll receive 1.529% on everyday purchases, and once you’ve accumulated $50 or more in rewards, those funds will automatically be transferred every quarter to your existing 529 account.

Tell Your Friends and Family to Contribute Through GiftED

If your child or grandchild has an event coming up—birthday, holiday, graduation, or other special occasion—tell your friends and family to consider contributing to his or her CollegeCounts 529 plan in lieu of a traditional gift.

Best of all, CollegeCounts GiftED makes it easy. Just log into your account and follow the simple step-by-step instructions to invite others to contribute and you’ll be ready to go