You might not find it on your calendar, but Alabama’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is July 21-23 this year.

No matter what you choose to shop for during this year’s Tax Holiday, we hope that the CollegeCounts 529 program will be on your mind—for a couple of reasons. Of course, back-to-school shopping is close to our hearts. When the summer ends, millions of students across the country begin a new journey. Many of them are beginning or continuing their college careers, while others are taking the next big step toward that goal.

Naturally, it’s exciting to see parents, grandparents, and guardians shopping for school supplies, new clothes, computers, and other necessities for their students. But when you’re saving cash on your purchases, it’s a great time to think about your own savings—specifically, your college savings plan for your children or grandchildren. The back-to-school season is the perfect opportunity to open a CollegeCounts 529 fund for your kids.

There are lots of benefits to saving for college with a 529 plan. Read through our Plan Benefits to learn about all the positives that come with your new plan. And yes, grandparents can open an account as well!

We hope you all have a stress-free and savings-filled Tax Holiday weekend. And best of luck to your young ones on a new school year!