It’s never too early to start investing in your child’s future. Even if they haven’t celebrated their first birthday yet.

And when 5/29 Day rolls around May 29th—our favorite day of the year!—we’re celebrating by helping many of you start saving.

This month, register for our 5/29 Day Giveaway and your brand new bundle of joy could win $529 in a CollegeCounts account to kick off their college savings fund.

All Alabama babies born between 5/29/2018 and 5/29/2019 are eligible to enter to win this giveaway! If your son or daughter is less than a year old and was born here in Alabama, then he/she qualifies. We’ll be choosing 29 total winners, so there’ll be plenty to go around.

Registration begins 5/29/2019 and closes 7/13/2019, so if you’ve got a newborn on your hands, you’ll still be able to enter at your convenience.

CollegeCounts, Alabama’s 529 plan, is designed to make saving for college easier, more collaborative, and more productive than a traditional savings account. If you start now, and make regular contributions, you could potentially save quite a nest egg for their education.

And what better excuse is there to start now than the possibility of winning $529 to kickstart your child’s college savings account? Visit to enter today!

Official rules, registration details, and more information can be found at